Behavioural Problems and How to Tackle Them

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Achild’s behaviour is multifactorially determined by his parents, his upbringing, his innate nature and his surroundings. Children showered with unlimited attention, unnecessarily not left to themselves or overprotected by parents and grandparents, made a cynosure of all eyes, gifted with expensive toys and clothes, allowed to do all what pleases them because their so-called busy working parents have no time for them, they begin to feel that the entire world is at their doorstep.

But in fact, these children are spoilt brats who are aggressive, short-tempered and always unhappy, eventually grow into unsuccessful, often frustrated adults.

Even negative reactions at home cause behavioural problems in many children. The time spent in criticism should be wisely used in praising the child. Positive behaviour can be reinforced in their child with a lot of patience and communication; not by forced compliance.

Children learn the way they are made to learn. So the love and affection of the parents must be balanced with discipline and firmness.

Your child is getting spoiled if:

  • He insists on having his own way
  • Frequently throws tantrums
  • Does not follow simple rules
  • Makes excessive and unreasonable demands
  • Protests every request
  • Does not understand the difference between needs and wants

Spoiled children are unable to:

  • Take right decisions
  • Handle difficult situations
  • Make judicious use of precious time
  • Cooperate with others or work as a team
  • Behave in a balanced manner
  • Be responsible human beings

What to do?

  • Teach your child to share his toys
  • Prepare him well before the birth of his sibling, as if the new addition in the family is for his happiness and company
  • Involve him/her in small household chores to develop the sense of responsibility
  • Set age-appropriate limits and enforce strictly
  • Don’t be guarded in saying a firm NO
  • Do not reward negative behaviour, by trying to make him happy by giving sweets or chocolates. Instead, Ignore!! Do not pay attention to whining, crying and tantrums
  • Welcome the child lovingly after he has stopped that tantrum, making no comments on his previous behaviour. Show as if you never noticed.
  • Channelise his/her activities, with creative skills
  • Provide him with books, games, colouring books, crayons and paints to keep him productively busy
  • Give her limited choices. She can choose her pants but not her bedtime
  • Inculcate patience. Make her wait until you complete your important work, before she receives your attention
  • Put your child into self problem-solving situations
  • Teach him to apologise if wrong. Hold him accountable
  • Gift only on special occasions
  • Teach him the value of saving from early childhood itself. Give him his own Piggy Bank
  • Parents must behave the way they wish their child to behave.

"I want that remote car"
"Okay, I’ll buy it for you"
Ignore, and leave the place
"Wasn’t your behaviour stupid?" "Come, let’s have dinner together"
"You must study or you’ll be punished in school" "Start studying. If you need help, I’ll be there in a minute"
“What have you done? I won’t talk to you." "You should feel sorry, dear, and try not to repeat it again."
"Don’t worry. I’ll do the homework for you." "Come dear. I’ll help you out with your problems."
"Don’t do like this. I’ll give you a chocolate." "Here is a chocolate for being good today."