The Nectar of Life

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Motherhood is the loveliest gift a woman could ever receive, and mother’s milk is the most beautiful gift a baby could ever receive. It’s a sublime feel to nurture a new life, and all mothers wish their babies to be the best, for which they ought to give their best.

Breastfeeding is not just feeding of milk. There is much to it that goes beyond to making your child one of the most exceptionally brilliant kids around, the genius of your dreams.

  • Breastfeeding should be exclusive.
  • Exclusively breast-fed babies score 5.9 points higher IQ scores than top-fed ones. It’s BRAINVITA, the strongest brain tonic.
  • It’s the best vaccine. It fortifies baby’s immune system.
  • This Divine Bond established between the mother and the baby provides him a sense of security for a lifetime.
  • What if mother feels her milk is not enough? Breastfeeding should necessarily be established 48 hours after birth. The more the baby suckles, the more milk is produced.
  • True lactational failure does not occur in more than 1% of mothers.
  • Mother’s diet does not affect the baby’s health anyway. Of course, intake of medicines during lactation must be supervised.

They should not be fed each time they cry because it is not just hunger that makes them cry. There may be some other reasons to it, and nevertheless, for the first few months, they know nothing else but crying!! It may just be boredom of lying at a place or inability to move limbs due to overclothing. Moreover, sucking of fingers is a sign of health, not hunger. You shouldn’t pop in a bottle each time he cries. Use other means to pacify him when you know it’s not his feed time. This is the first way you condition your child’s brain towards being a Superhero, by disciplining him in tender loving way.