Exercise and Sports - the best recreation

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There isn’t a more enlivening an experience as a 5-minute daily morning deep breathing exercise drill, followed by a 30-minute workout to enlighten your spirits. Exercise if planned well and preceded by a proper warm up is as enriching as reading a spiritual non-fiction that transcends you beyond all the mundane. Moreover, it boosts the level of self-confidence and helps in amelioration of his personality, what can never be achieved by preaching or counselling either.

There are 44,640 minutes in a month. And parents’ often say kids find no time to exercise or play sports besides his school and regular tutorials. A child spends an hour for getting ready for school, 6 hours (360 min) of a day at school, 2 hours (120 min) at tuitions, 1 ½ hours (90 min) for meals, an hour (60 min) of watching TV and 7 hours (420 min) for sleep that sums upto 1110 min/day, and 34,410 minutes a month. That means that 10,230 min or 426.25 hours in a month, accounting to 5 ½ hours in day are under-utilised or misspent by kids.

If a child begins the 35 minutes exercise schedule, as already talked about, in the early hours of the morning and an hour’s sport of his interest with a trained coach whose able guidance would enhance development of a perfect skill as the child begins to learn the intricacies of the game and step each day closer towards being a Superhero he has always dreamt of! Cricket is not about a bat hitting a ball or a ball hitting the wickets. There’s so much to it…the field, the pitch, the strokes and even more! An hour of game with the coach is more productive and fruitful than 4-5 hours of wasteful playing on the street.

Not having time is a mere mental block. Each problem you encounter is not a roadblock on the path to success, but a new challenge God puts forth to transform us into better human beings each day. Many a time, families don’t even realize how much of time they lost, and what infinite their child could have achieved his talents were explored and worked upon.

Parents who feel their kids not living upto their expectations must jot down all what they dislike on a piece of paper, help their child firmly follow the time table they redesign for him, and observe the difference exactly 3 months from the date they began. They will certainly find a remarkable change. Not only does a child gain self-esteem but this is the best way to channelise his creative energies, streamline his efforts, improve his behaviour, ultimately nourishing his inner being towards health and appetite.