SARTHAK...Enkindling Hopes

With the evolution of intensive care in newborns and children with the help of ventilators and advanced life support system, the rate of morbidity has gone down considerably. However, during this course, the deranged physiology is restored in most of the babies with management, but some unfortunately suffer re-perfusion injuries inspite of best supportive care. It leads to bitterness for life when after a mammoth task of spending money and putting in efforts, you are left with a disabled child in your hands!

There are quite a few kids who are wrongly blamed as ‘mischievous’,‘prankish’ or a ‘loser’ for their scholastic performance by their parents, families, teachers, and humiliated by the society at large. These innocent children face the brunt of their learning problems for no fault of theirs. As result, they enter a withdrawal phase because of their helplessness and inability to prove themselves sincere.

There are also children who have attention-deficit issues or suffer from Autistic Spectrum Disorder, who remain undiagnosed for quite some time and parents find no clue as to how to manage them, or have no one to guide them appropriately and lose direction completely.

To complete the armamentarium of management of neurodevelopmental problems, Tara Child Care has developed charts and parent education handouts to classify these children and helping family understand the nature of problem, and treating them appropriately with medications, therapy and surgery if required.

For TCC, every child is precious. It strives to fulfil its dream of giving all its children a happy, healthy and meaningful life through its neurodevelopmental wing ‘SARTHAK’ – Enkindling Hopes…, an endeavour that was initiated for the noble cause. SARTHAK is a unit run under the guardianship of Dr. Inchie Lonial (PT) which incorporates all aspects of Pediatric therapy and trains mothers, family and siblings to handle these differently-abled children with skills and expertise in a tender and loving way...

  • Early stimulation/ Early intervention therapy
  • Clinic for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Delay
  • ADD/ADHD/ Dyslexia Screening
  • Clinic for Autism
  • Surgical back up
  • Speech therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Orthotic and Prosthetic Aids