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A LL parents wish their child to be a Superhero. Superhero is not about being a Superman, Spiderman or He-Man. Superheroes are not born, they are made!! It’s all about transforming your child in a way he learns to acquire perfection in all his endeavours. It’s about ‘brain conditioning’ – developing the right attitude and aptitude for attaining success. Rome was not built in day! It’s a process that should begin right from BIRTH itself, to be inculcated in the child in his daily activities be they eating, reading or sleeping. Each day of gradual motivation instills in kids patience, positivity and the strength to go unabated despite all odds. And it is Parents who are instrumental in moulding their child’s future. Therefore, it is their mindset that eventually affects the child. So if parents have seen a dream, they must give flight to it. And to give wings, they must have a plan. Here we have devised a 10-step ladder to making of your child A SUPERHERO...

Dr. Anuj Rastogi