Unleash your child’s Creativity

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What gives ultimate pleasure in life to your child? Is it a mouth-watering delicious meal or a wardrobe of the best clothes you child has ever seen? But neither can he eat unlimited nor can clothes be bought countless. Therefore, these joys are materialistic and quite short-lived. It is the innovation, the unique ingenious in a child that gives expression to his soul, his inner self. Every child however ordinary, could be groomed extra-ordinary, by exploring his talents and interests by exposing him to 7-8 modalities of learning skills like instrumental or vocal music, dance and drama, art and painting, cookery, dressing and garnishing, pottery and craftsmanship, and many more. Skills, once developed, are treasured assets for a lifetime.

A child is fortunate if his parents begin to understand the extreme importance of bringing out the imaginative and the creative being of a child. Often heard of, “Don’t think of silly things and waste your time. Concentrate on your studies.” Parents tend to give all importance to academics at the cost of their little one’s creativity. They forget that only happy minds are healthy minds. And all happiness lies in how enriched and nourished a mind is! They constantly nag their children with the pressure of their expectations and aspirations, exuding negativity all over, and ultimately gaining nothing – neither their child’s love, confidence and talent, nor his good scores. It is essential for parents to think beyond exams, and help their child to conquer horizons. There are so many brilliant ones who never received an opportunity, only for their parents’ rigidity and ignorance.

The future commercial perspective of the skill and the expenditure involved should never be thought of. His tutorial sessions are a small invest to a massive harvest. The magnanimity of success depends on how small you can make big. Maestros like Zakir Hussain, Pandit Ravi Shankar and MF Hussain were not born artists. Their parents could never ever dream of what they could do, but been given opportunities right from childhood, they are as we see them today, on the pinnacles of success – a word which falls short of describing their stature.

Therefore, if a child is made to learn an instrument from a trained teacher, he not only learns to play it, but it enhances his concentration, improves his memory span, his precision and fine motor skills, in turn exalting whole lot of his confidence multifold. It’s a brainstorming exercise to him. He never gets bored, ’cause he has his best pastime with him, a skill he can always bank on, he could perform at school, in college, and moreover, a vocational alternative to livelihood.

For the early years, parents must develop a self-appreciative module for their child, like a star system in which he marks a star for all the good learns and how better he is each moment. The re-inforcement would aid his growth into a more and more refined and elegant personality through each day.

And at the end of the day, he knows what exquisite he possesses. With a good social image, he tries harder to keep up to it, even studies harder and scores better. You have a child with a magnetic persona, a child people wish to meet, a child you can always be proud of!!